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Vlinvesta proudly presents its sustainability report for 2022. Sustainability is part of every aspect of their entrepreneurship, resulting in a tangible contribution to all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. They wholeheartedly support this sustainability agenda and use it as a compass for their sustainability strategy.

In 2022, they participated in the VOKA Sustainability Charter and were recognized in June as the VCDO Laureate 2023 by Voka - Chamber of Commerce Mechelen-Kempen.

The report can be downloaded here.

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The business world is increasingly focused on sustainability. Entrepreneurs are becoming more mindful of the impact of their business activities on both the environment and society. They strive to produce and deliver their products and services in a sustainable manner, investing in green technologies and various innovations. Ethical and social aspects of entrepreneurship are also addressed in their sustainability policy, such as working conditions, engagement, transparency, and human rights.

Every entrepreneur may ponder the question: "What can I, as a business owner, contribute to a more sustainable world?". To develop a sustainability policy aligned with company values, a business defines its core values and considers how these values can be integrated into all aspects of its operations, including production processes, distribution, marketing, communication, etc. A sustainability policy is not only aimed at minimizing negative impact but also at creating a positive impact on the environment and society.

Dynamic. Sustainable. Passionate.

The Vlinvesta story began in 2003 with the establishment of Van Loo Projects by Johan Van Loo, Chris Heylen, and Jef Van Loo. The foundation for further expansion was laid until 2010, with acceleration occurring from 2017 through acquisitions and participations.


Vlinvesta is a dynamic entrepreneurial company actively contributing to new businesses and opportunities. They continuously seek new chances and aim to invest in entrepreneurs and companies committed to sustainable growth, both economically and humanely. Their wide range of expertise and cross-pollination between and within companies provide a fresh perspective and numerous innovative opportunities.

They categorize their activities into four clusters: construction, production, real estate, and leisure. By incorporating sustainability into their core values, they integrate it into all aspects of their entrepreneurship, actively contributing to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Vlinvesta fully supports this sustainability agenda and uses it as a compass for their sustainability strategy.

In 2022, they took the first steps by participating in the VOKA Sustainability Charter. For this, they formed a sustainability team and defined, developed, and approved 19 action points. The action points are outlined as follows:


  • Vlinvesta: Establishment of a sustainability team, a sustainability vision, and sustainability strategy.
  • DuraConnect: Information meetings and training sessions for technicians on the site.


  • Rumst Recycling: Research and initiation of the production of cement-free concrete on the site.
  • Rumst Recycling: Conducting Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on the products of the concrete plant.
  • Rumst Recycling: Construction and commissioning of a physico-chemical washing installation.


  • Rumst Recycling: Active Partnership in 'Groen Beton Vert vzw.'


  • Vlinvesta, DuraConnect: Research into energy needs at La Corbeille and the installation of additional solar panels.
  • Vlinvesta: Research into group purchases of energy and water at La Corbeille.
  • DuraConnect, Rumst Recycling: Study and analysis of solar panels at Rumst Recycling and the purchase of batteries to handle peak voltages.
  • Tervia's, DuraConnect: Research into their own Energy Service Company (ESCO).


  • Vlinvesta: Develop a structural policy for social community engagement regarding charities and social projects.
  • Rumst Recycling: Impact analysis regarding the living environment.
  • DuraConnect: Direct transport of materials by suppliers to construction sites.
  • Tervia's: Introduction of BREEAM for a multi-tenant building.


  • Vlinvesta: Development of a structural HR policy.


  • Rumst Recycling: Upgrading the quay along the Rupel to promote transport via water, reduce CO2 emissions, and relieve the village center.
  • Tervia's: Development of low-carbon construction projects via geothermal energy and/or heat pumps.


  • DuraConnect: Implementation of a new ERP package to reduce administrative processes.
  • Tervia's, Rumst Recycling: R&D project on 3D printing of cement-free concrete in collaboration with Peri 3D Construction Printing.

Governments, businesses, and individuals are increasingly aware of the urgency of addressing climate change and protecting the environment. Initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, transition to renewable energy sources, and minimize waste and pollution are on the rise.

Furthermore, the growing interest in a circular economy, where materials and products are reused as much as possible, and waste is minimized, is expected to continue. Companies will also pay more attention to social sustainability, including fair labor conditions and reducing inequality.

Vlinvesta's focus for 2023

  • Health and well-being of employees by increasing safety awareness, developing a health plan, and embracing cultural differences within the group.
  • Affordable and sustainable energy by further exploring and implementing energy sharing between different sites and installing additional solar panels.
  • Sustainable innovation by creating a standard playbook for new projects, integrating Building Information Modeling (BIM) and ERP packages, and maximizing the use of prefabrication.

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