Win a strategy session with our CEO!

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Unlock the future with us! Celebrate our new branding and win a strategy session with Pieter Lesage, CEO of Studio Dott. Leave your details to seize the chance. Design your impact for a future-proof world!

Win an innovation strategy session with our CEO, Pieter Lesage

We are celebrating our new positioning and branding!

To celebrate our new positioning and branding, we're offering an extraordinary opportunity to engage in a strategy session with Studio Dott’s CEO, Pieter Lesage. As the founder of the award-winning design and innovation studio, Pieter will help guide you in strategizing for the future in this 2-hour session.

How to win? Leave your details here. September 30th, an innocent hand will pick a single winner. We will contact the winner personally. So stay tuned!

Studio Dott.

For over 23 years, we have been consistently designing for impact. Today, as a cross-disciplinary studio, we merge digital product, service, strategy, branding, and interior design to craft memorable products, services, and spaces for the future.

Design goes beyond aesthetics; it's a tool to reshape our world! At Studio Dott, we're convinced that design is the answer to numerous challenges. We're committed to empowering our clients to harness its potential for a future-proof tomorrow.

Placing the user at the forefront.

We champion human-centric design. Whether it's products, services, interiors, or branding, ... each creation should resonate with its users. No impact without relevance for all stakeholders.

Context is key: In a fiercely complex reality, we craft remarkable solutions by diving deep into the problem context. From ecological considerations to socio-economic and societal impacts, we explore every possibility.

Thinking in systems: We craft holistic experiences that truly engage. No solution stands alone; every interaction matters. Each touchpoint is an opportunity to elevate the customer experience and strengthen brand identity.

Forward through design.

Design drives innovation and pushes boundaries. It is an undeniable strategic and societal force.

“Design is not optional. It's essential to create a positive impact for business and society.” - Pieter Lesage, CEO & Founder of Studio Dott.

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