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Multipharma considers the pharmacists of both today and tomorrow as important and accessible primary care providers, trained to provide advice and personalised pharmaceutical care to all patients, especially those requiring specific support. Their health is our care.

Patients see their pharmacists first and foremost as health advisors. A logical consequence of this is that pharmacies are increasingly becoming health centres – the most accessible place to go for health advice.

Given the pressure the current healthcare model is under, together with the ageing population, it may be reassuring to know that pharmacists will remain the most accessible care providers for patients in 2030. Regardless of how old they are or where the consultation takes place (in the health centre, residential care centre or at home), patients can rely on their pharmacist's health advice throughout their lives.

To ensure that pharmacists' health advice remains accessible, however, it is absolutely vital that multidisciplinary cooperation with other primary healthcare providers is further developed, with enhanced sharing of information and patient data.

As a cooperative organization, Multipharma strongly believes in solidarity, both within the pharmacy walls and beyond. It is therefore no coincidence that we have been working in solidarity with the healthcare providers of Doctors of the World for many years now. Together, we share a common mission: to make healthcare accessible to everyone.

Join us in building the care of tomorrow and make a donation to Doctors of the World.

About Multipharma

Multipharma is the leading cooperative in the Belgian pharmacy world.

As a pioneer in pharmaceutical care, Multipharma wants to strengthen the role of the pharmacist with the aim to make high quality healthcare accessible and affordable to all.

To fulfill this mission, Multipharma can lean on its network of 245 pharmacies and the combined competences of 1800 employees.

Multipharma also has a high-tech distribution centre and 2 state-of-the-art specialised pharmacies for the individual packaging of medicines for patients in residential care and other care institutions.

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